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    My daughter-in-law is concerned that my 11-year old won't get the social aspect of her needs met through homeschool. Does anyone have input or advice on this matter? She is a sixth grade student this year, and I'm unwilling to expose her to public school. She's a very kind, sensitive child, and I want her to stay that way.

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    Hi. I wouldn't worry too much about the social aspects as long as you involve her in classes like gym, art, music etc(through your parks and rec maybe?) My kids (here in DE) are involved in a co-op no Fridays that does classes like that and they also get to socialize with the other kids. They also attend youth Bible Study at our church and play with their friends in the neighborhood on the weekends or days off. btw, I sent my kids to public schools until this year, and I agree, the socialization there is NOT what I want them learning! Bullying, fighting, guns, drugs, etc? NO WAY. My daughter's middle school 2 years ago had: a bomb threat, 2 gun incidents(thankfully none went off, but they were found), and a TEACHER who had sexual relations with a student! That's what we KNOW about, who knows what ELSE went on!

    Good luck with homeschooling. We just started on 8/27 and I'm LOVING it. Our church had a "back to school rollerskating" last night and my son went, although my daughter chose to stay home.

    Melissa in Dover, DE

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