New to Homeschooling - Questions on Testing / PS
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    Smile New to Homeschooling - Questions on Testing / PS


    We'll be homeschooling this year (5th Grade) for the first time.

    Do the public schools have to let us do sports and electives at our schools?
    If my son doesn't go to public school, is the school still getting money for him?
    Do we have to do MEAP testing?
    If we do, is there anything we need to do so he can take it?
    If we don't, should we take it anyway? I thought I read somewhere, not to register as a homeschooler. Is that true? I've read so much lately, I forgot where I saw that.
    Should my son just not show up for the first day of school? Or should I call in case we want to do say music, gym, arts?
    Once they get in middle school, are the kids able to take shop, art, sewing, computers, etc. type classes?
    I've also read they can take some core classes too, is that true?

    Sorry for all the questions. This is very overwhelming and I don't want to mess things up.

    Thank you to anyway who responds.

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    I am in GA, so I am not familiar with your state's requirements. Most states do not allow your child to participate in PS classes or sports if they are not a student in the school. In GA, you have 30 days from the date your start homeschooling to file a Declaration of Intent to Homeschool with the local school superintendent. Students cannot participate in sports or any elective classes. Even students who are considered PS because they are enrolled in the state's virtual charter schools are not allowed to participate in PS sports or elective classes. However those students do have to take the state testing, and are told when and where that will happen, but traditional homeschool students (not part of a state charter school), do not have to take the CRCT (state test).

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    Dear Lisa,

    When I didn't return my boy to school in the fall, the school gave me a form to give to our county "school police". It just stated that I intended to homeschool. If your child has never attended school, you don't have to do this. No the public school is not getting money and you do not have to test. We live in SW MI and the Berrien Springs school district has what they call homeschool partnership. We don't participate because I'm an independent old woman. I don't want big brother educating my children. I hope you can find a support group in your area. We do group activities at the nature center, art center, YMCA, etc. There is a mother that sponsors sewing type classes and just charges for materials. Her philosophy is if I'm teaching my own kids, others might as well join. Good luck to you and I hope you come to love it as much as we do.


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    Hey Lisa,

    I spoke directly to the principal and together we figured everything out. Your child is able to participate in sports and electives at school from elementary to high school. You do not have to do the MEAP, but you can if you wish, you just get with the school about it so they can contact you when the MEAP is coming up. The school knows I am going to homeschool the core classes, but the kids will participate in electives. They will assign your child a homeroom teacher, even though they will not see them. Then when that homeroom class does art, gym, tech, etc... my child will go in and do the class. I would speak with the office. Hope this helps. Amanda

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