I am homeschooling my 5 year old and 7 year old-who are both special needs. My 7 year old son has autism, adha, ocd, anxiety, sensory intergration dysfunction, athsma and migraines. My 5 year old daughter has mood entity disorder, severe adhd, ocd, anciety, and sensory intergration dysfunction as well. The public school system kept passing by son despite the fact that he was failing terribly in all areas of school. so once i said i was coming to the i.e.p. w/ an autism advocate of michigan-the school changed their tune and their minds and decided to retain him in 1st grade. mind you they won't consider him anyting but speech and language delayed in school-same with my daughter. she, like my son in the past was in a special educational preschool program with about students, teacher, aid, adn speech pathologists, and occuptional therapist. she was retained for the 3rd year to remain in presschool half day, and go on the other half to kindergarten. she still cannot trace anything let along write her name. i felt that it was in their best interest to homeschool.
time4learning has been a great success so far-its only been a week, nut we all love it-the printable worksheets, guides and all. i couldn't be happier!!! : )
anyone with a similar situation? anyone live in the metro detroit area and would like to meet up for playdates??