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    Default New to (Saint Clair Shores, MI)

    Good Morning,

    hello, i live in saint clair shores, mi. is anyone close to my area??? i would love to meet up with a group for social events for the kids.
    i have a 5 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. Both who i have decided to homeschool this year for the first time. we are actually loving it-and loving time4learning!!! so far so good!!! both my children are autistic, they are verbal, but also have adhd, ocd, sensory intergration dysfunction, aniexty, migraines and asthma. i am a single mom and it definetly gets over whelming to say the least at times!!!
    i decided to homeschool them because the school we were at just wasn't working out-at all!!! they wouldnt put any of my children's diagnosises on their i.e.p.s-just listed them under notes!!?!! -they only marked speech and language delays for them so therefore they were not going to or were not receiving help or understanding at least for what my babies had!!! they both were very behind in all areas of each subject and socially. they wanted to pass my son to 2nd grade-even though he technically failed kindergarden, and 1st grade!!?! once i told the school that an autisum advocate was coming with me to the next follow up meeting-they then decided to retain him in the 1st grade!!! my daughter (and my son was also in this class at that age) was in a special education preschool program at the school, and they decided to retain her there again (for the 3rd year keep in mind) for half the day and half the day in kindergarden!!! She cannot even write here name, nor did she recognize letters vs numbers, etc!!! i dont understand this because there was only 8 kids in her class-the teacher and an aide and an occupational therapist, and speech therapist that come in to work with them also!!!! she was acting out in class by hitting the kids, hiding, etc-but i beleive it was out of frustration and because she was bored!!!! i just do not feel that they were working with her well enough!!
    tardies and absentes were a huge problem for us! everyday they would cry that they didnt want to go to school and have meltdowns-even have bathroom accidents to avoid having to go to school on the way there, etc!! it was just awful!! they school would not work with us, and even called trunacy on me!! well the truancy officier said that she read all the documentations that i have on file at the school from the doctors and that she completly agrees with the doctors and therapists that their absentses and tardies are excuded and justified!!!! so what this schools deal with us was-i dont know!!!!
    so my son is obcessed with transformers and on an episode a year or so ago heard about homeschooling and has begged me to do it ever since!! he would get migraines almost everyday at school! they even called me to come get him because he was so unproductive and "in his own world" but yet they called truancy-makes no sense!!! Both my kids looked sooooo frightened and out of i school!! their aniexty was awful!! so thats when i decided enough is enough--im taking over!!!! AND i am sooo happy to say that they both are doing far better here at home-grade wise with me teaching them!!!
    i used the time4learning lesson plans and scheduler so it tells me what to do each week in every subject-and i absolutely love it!!! ---BUT-my question and concern is......IS it ok if we are behind a little bit from what the scheduler states we should be at??? they got very sick with bronchitist and it lasted forever!!!! so we fall behind and now im freaking out!!!! IS IT OK TO NOT BE RIGHT ON SCHEDULE??? i am hoping to get caught up soon-but its taking longer than i expected!!!
    Please hlep me with my concerns anyone????? and also play dates????


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    Default We're in Roseville!

    Hi! I just joined Time4Learning, I also just started homeschooling my daughter. She will be 6 in April. I would love to meet up if you are still interested!

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    Default Re: New to (Saint Clair Shores, MI)

    Hi, from Port Huron here and would love to meet up with others for outings/events

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