New to Time4Learning and still newer to home schooling
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    Default New to Time4Learning and still newer to home schooling

    Hi, my name is Alexandria, Alex for short. I pulled my daughter out of Kindergarten after Christmas break last year. The teacher was a first year teacher but the experience ended up being horrible. The two options for public schools in our district are just not options. My 6 year old daughter also has sensory integration issues that are often viewed as behaviors. I have to admit that has been a struggle for her and I, but it has also taught me more patience as well. We live in central lower Michigan and would LOVE to get in contact with any other fellow home schoolers nearby!

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    I noticed no one replied to your post and it's been a while, but since I'm new and in the same general area, and we're always looking for new homeschool friends, I thought it would be a good idea to reply to your post.

    I'm Cindy I'm homeschooling my 2nd grade daughter. She has a minor physical challenge as well as some sensory sensitivities.

    We're interested in meeting and gathering with other homeschoolers in our area. We are in Ingham county and near Jackson County. (about to move even closer to Jackson (Parma) Is this anywhere near you?


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    Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling! And don't fret, sometimes it takes a bit for others in your area to post! If you need any homeschool help, I am here....though I do not live in Michigan.

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