Report cards, progress reports and transcripts
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    Default Report cards, progress reports and transcripts

    I am fairly new at homeschooling my 5th grader. Do I need to create a report card for our portfolio/binder or are the progress reports sufficient?
    Also, should I request a copy of his transcripts from his last school for our records? What do I have to show the school if I do decide to transition him back to traditional school?
    Thank you for your suggestions.

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    Default My experience, on transitioning my child back to school

    I don't know the where bouts of where you live, or what school district your child attends. But I'm just going to give you my story of transitioning back to school. I took my son out of 1st grade, for behavioral reasons, and for the fact he would come home crying everyday, that he had no friends, and that the teacher was always picking on him and that she didn't like him....Anyways, I would say I had him out of school for about a month or so. I kept the T4L records in a binder and kept the other documents, because he was doing home-school stuff in books and such, but when I tried to put him back in school, because my grandma passed and I was going through a bad depression, and then when we were coming back from a home-school program, we were in a horrible car accident. But to get to my story, when I tried to put him back in school, and mind you this was only 1st grade, and I only had him out around a month....anyways the Principal was very mean and wanting to see everything he had done, while he was out....I had to take in ALL his workbooks, I had to print off all the T4L sheets, and tests scores and yes I would say you need to keep track of all the paperwork...and stuff your child does, in case you have to transition them back into school!! I hope this helps!!!

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