researching how to get started
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    Default researching how to get started

    Looking for the best online curriculum for Michigan. Have no idea where to to start home schooling for my daughter who has been bullied. Do i have to register with the state?

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    From what I have heard you don't have to register with the state in Michigan.

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    Default I too am having trouble on where to start.

    Both of my sons are in the E.I program at our local elementary school and both have been victims of bullying. The school refuses to do anything to stop the bullying. They were unconcerned when my 10 year old cut himself because it became too much. I have chosen to homeschool them both, but I'm not real sure how to get started. any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default NO reporting-and relax...... : )

    hello to both of you,

    i am homeschooling my 5 and 7 year old for the first time this year. i called the department of education in lansing and spoke with them about reporting, etc. they said that it is not required in michigan, nor is testing. testing is up to us-if we want them to take the meap and such. they said that we can call the school and simply tell them that we are homeschooling and leave it at that-they dont even need a reason in why! this is to also prevent truancy for getting involved and knocking on your door, etc.!!! i print all 3 of the reports (attendance, duration, & student score) each week and save them on the computer and print and file them in binders-which i use as their portfolios. I save all the worksheets that they do and i also bought teacher lesson plan books and write what to do and what we did for each day. i printed in every subject for each of my children-the activity scheduler(i think thats what its called) to use as a guide in what to do each week, etc. it also has guides for us, answer keys to tests and quizzes, and worksheets for the kids to complete-its really great!! i recently posted that im behind in them due to the kids getting sick and if thats ok??!!!!--which im pretty sure its fine, we're trying our best to get caught up.
    i stated in september this year and i am still nervous, but each week gets better and better-more relaxed!!!
    what area are you both from?? im in macomb county-saint clair shores.....
    ----hope this helps a little!!?!

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