Where has the summer gone! Wherever it went, it went by fast. It's been a cooler summer here in Michigan. We had good intentions to continue with school throughout the summer months, but turned out they were just good intentions!

I have been busily searching the internet looking for new things to help organize my school year. I have found lots of interesting things out there. One of my favorite websites is homeschoolbuyerscoop.com At this website you can participate in group buys for lots of homeschooling resources. One of my best buys was the Lego Engineering I and II sets. My son loves hands on learning, and this is one thing I know for sure that will help him learn hard to teach concepts.

Over the summer, we had my son tested. He is 14 (next month) and still has a very difficult time spelling, writing, and reading clearly. We have discovered that he has several learning disablities or as I like to call them, learning differences. He is a "right-brained" learner. He sees things in 3-D and gets concepts and the big picture though he can't read a list of unconnected words accurately.

His psychologist gave me two really good pieces of advice: teach him how HE learns and teach him how to get along with others. If we teach him how he learns he can adapt to new things, and if we teach him how to get along with others he can be successful working with people.

So this year, we are working with tutors, and teaching life skills and developing conversational skills, things like that. One thing I like about homeschooling is the freedom to do what works, change what doesn't and accept that sometimes you have to do things differently. One thing we will do again this year is go to the Homeschool building. http://www.homeschoolbuilding.org We are involved in the Grace homeschool assoication http://www.gracehsaonline.org Here Eli can take classes, be held accountable by other adults besides mom and interact with his peer group. I don't worry about grades as much as him gaining experience in a group setting and time to make new friends.

That's all for now. Write a note and share with me and others what you're doing to get ready for school.