what MI require for science and social studies
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    Question what MI require for science and social studies

    Can anyone in MI tell me if this passes MI requirements

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    Default Homeschooling in Michigan

    There are no Michigan requirements for school. If you are using time4learning for your social studies and science then you are fulfilling your requirements. There is no law stating that you need to report your child's progress or have them tested. You can always print off the reports from T4L if you need them.

    Michigan Department of Education
    MDE_studentissues Redirect

    The section of the Revised School Code that addresses Home Schools is
    contained in the Michigan Compiled Laws under MCL 380.1561.

    Right to Home School
    Michigan parents have the right to home school their children. The law
    requires a parent or legal guardian of a child from the age of six to sixteen
    to send his or her child to school during the entire school year, except
    under certain limited circumstances (MCL 380.1561). The exceptions
    include, but are not limited to, sending a child to a state-approved
    nonpublic school or educating a child at home in an organized educational

    Who May Home School
    Home school education is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.
    The parent assigns homework, gives tests and grades these tests. The
    issuance of report cards, transcripts, and diplomas are the responsibility of
    the home school family (based on internal standards). If home schooling
    continues through grade 12, the parent issues a high school diploma to the

    Reporting Process
    The annual registering of a home school to the Michigan Department of
    Education (MDE) is voluntary. It is not required unless the student has
    special needs and is requesting special education services from the local
    public school or intermediate school district. It is recommended that if
    special education services will be requested, the parent first submit a
    completed Nonpublic School Membership Report to MDE. This form is
    available on MDE Homeschool Redirect. Before special education
    services are established, the school will contact MDE for verification that
    this process is complete. A list of registered home schools is provided to
    intermediate school district superintendents each December and March.
    It is not required that a parent inform their local school of the decision to
    home school, however, it is suggested. Failure to do so may result in the
    student being marked absent and the involvement of the truancy officer.
    Notification may be a phone call or a written note to the district. Keep in
    mind that a written note can be placed in the student’s school record
    indicating when the student has withdrawn from the school district.

    Teacher Requirement
    A parent or legal guardian that registers with MDE is qualified to teach
    their child if they have a teaching certificate or a bachelor’s degree.
    However, if they claim an objection to teacher certification based upon a
    sincerely held religious belief, the minimum education requirement of a
    teaching certificate or a bachelor’s degree is waived.

    Course of Study
    Instruction must include mathematics, reading, English, science, and social
    studies in all grades; and the Constitution of the United States, the
    Constitution of Michigan, and the history and present form of civil
    government of the United States, the State of Michigan, and the political
    subdivisions and municipalities of the State of Michigan in grades 10, 11,
    and 12.

    Home school students may enroll in nonessential elective classes at the
    resident public school.

    Home school families may purchase the textbooks and instructional
    material of their choice. School districts are not required to provide
    curriculum, textbooks, or materials to home school families. Textbooks
    and curriculum materials may be purchased from a teacher bookstore.
    Information regarding home school support services and materials can be
    found on the Internet.

    Student Records
    Parents are encouraged to maintain student records of progress
    throughout the year. These records will assist school personnel with
    placement should the student enroll in a public or nonpublic school. The
    granting of credits and placement of students is solely determined by the
    receiving school. If a student attends a home school and returns to a
    public school, the public school generally reevaluates the students for
    grade placement and the transfer of credit.

    Required Testing
    There are no required tests for a home school student. The parent is
    responsible for administering tests based upon the curriculum they use.
    Although not required, home school students may participate in the
    Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) and the Michigan Merit
    Examination (MME) at their local public school. These tests are managed
    by MDE and are administered at no cost to a home school student. For
    further information, please contact your local public school.

    The supervision and control of interscholastic athletics are the
    responsibility of each local board of education. Most local boards have
    adopted policies as proposed by the Michigan High School Athletic
    Association. Please contact the appropriate local school district or the
    Michigan High School Athletic Association at (517) 332-5046 or
    MHSAA Home | Michigan High School Athletic Association.

    Work Permits
    Home school students may obtain a work permit through their local public

    There are no public funds available for home schooling.
    Additional Information
    MDE’s website provides additional information on home schooling that
    includes legislation, the registration form, and instructions. You may
    access this information at MDE Homeschool Redirect. For additional
    information on home schooling, please contact Tami Feldpausch at
    (517) 373-1833 or email [email protected].

    This information is provided as a service of the Michigan Department of Education and is
    distributed with the understanding that the Department is not engaged in rendering legal
    advice. Those individuals desiring or requiring advice should seek the services of an
    July 2011

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