My son is 13 and in the 8th grade, he has been suspended from school so much that he is way behind. Has tested out of reading 180 and has high test scores. Their is only 4 1/2 wks of school left and his school wants to send him to a different school called New Campus in Traverse City for the rest of the yr and thru Oct of his freshmen yr. He would have to get up at 5am and catch bus at 5:40 am and not return home until 5pm. It actually would put a hardship on my family due to me having to drive 45 mins to pick him up for Football practice this coming fall. To make a long story short, him and I have discussed homeschooling once before but I said no in the end. Where do I begin besides declaring him homeschooled so I dont get put in jail for Truancy? He has been diagnosed being Emotional Impaired, he disrespects and swears at his teachers. Hes the class clown and is always getting into trouble. Who do I call or what do I have to do?? Please help.