Family Ornament exchange!
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    Default Family Ornament exchange!

    I thought I could share our family tradition for this Holiday season.
    I usually give my daughter 5$ and we all go with my husband shopping to a Mall where each of us have to find an ornament to buy to each other. We are not allowed to see it until we decorate our tree. We will exchange our ornament and add it to our ornament collection, then. After many years of doing this, our tree each years has changed and really collected gorgeous ornaments from our love to our tree.
    I thought you could use this idea to create a very fun tradition into your family and a fun way to shop together.
    Happy Holidays to all!

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    Default Re: Family Ornament exchange!

    It is indeed a splendid idea! It gets the family together from the shopping down to decorating the tree. My family's tradition during Holiday season is simply putting gifts under the tree, open it together, exchange words of gratitude and hug each other. For this holiday season I might think of something unique and creative similar to what you've been doing for so long and who knows maybe it will be carried on to the next generation. The holiday season always brings us festive moods and togetherness.

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