Home school while in Transition
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    Question Home school while in Transition

    I really need someone's help...I Currently live in Kentucky. My husband recieved orders to Fort Lewis Washington. My kids take spring break April 1st through the 8th, which we just plan to visit family and wanted to stay two weeks, head back to kentucky to pack our house and be on our way to Washington. My kids will have 36 days left of school to complete in Kentucky and the school will not allow us to finish out school by sending in the home work. Which both the teachers, 2nd and Kindergarten agree they would allow that, but the district says no, even though the kentucky department of education said it is allowed but still the district holds the ultimate decision. So here I am, now thinking about homeschooling the last part of their school year. I have been told that Washington may not except these homeschool credits and when it comes to registering them back into the public school system this fall they may be held back a year because I homeschooled the last part of the year. Does anyone know what I should do, or has anyone been in this same situation? I was also told, that if I put them in Washington schools from kentucky, I only have 10 days from the day I de-enroll them from Kentucky and enroll them in Washington without being Truant. So to avoid this headache I thought homeschool is my best option, but not sure if it will result in my kids having to repeat a grade when I enroll them this fall into washington. Also if I homeschool the last couple months of school, Do I homeschool just for that period or am I stuck to homeschool that entire year?

    Please help if you know these answers are in the same situation.

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    Hi! I'm not exactly sure how to handle your situation. :-/ I wanted to refer you to the Homeschoolers in the Military facebook page. There are more active people there and maybe someone would be able to answer your question a little better. In whatever decision you choose, I'm sure you wouldn't be "stuck homeschooling" if it's not something you wanted to do. Like us on facebook and see if anyone else has some answers!
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    Default In the same boat!

    My family and I just moved from Fort Benning, GA to Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. We have been in transition since mid February! We can not get military housing until end of March so I have decided to homeschool for the remainder of my sons 2nd grade year. Right now we are reviewing everything he has gone over through the year and will probaby continue until school starts again here in July. As long as you have proof of homeschooling and all of the records from the public school your child should have no problem advancing to 3rd grade. We chose homeschool because my son would have had to attend a school in the district of the hotel we are staying in and then switch to the school on Schofield when we moved there. He has a hard time adjusting so I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for him. All that I have explained is just what I have heard from other parents/teachers. If you find out anymore details with this matter let me know

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