Homeschool while in transition?
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    Default Homeschool while in transition?

    I have a a question about possible homeschooling. I feel like it is a common issue but have yet to find someone in the same position. We will be moving to Italy from the US in Feb. and have three kids in school. They will be in school starting in Aug. and we will be leaving Louisiana in January to travel up the east coast and visit family before we leave. We will be in transition for about a month and they will not be in school again until some time near the end of Feb. or begining of March. I'm nost sure what to do and if I should homeshool during this time and if so what homeschool rules would I follow? Louisiana? Italy? or what? I really have no idea what to do but do not want them to fall behind. I will have a 1st grader, 5th grader and 8th grader. Thanks for any help.

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    Many families homeschool while in trasition status. Your homeschool requirements would be based on where you live. While you are in the US, you would go by LA standards. When you move to Italy, you would be released from State standards and will gop by the DOD Homeschooling Policy. Just read this and follow it while you are overseas:

    The best way to school while you are PCSing is to ensure it is traveling friendly. My family used T4L when we moved and have continued it after our PCS period.
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