How to enter the world of homeschooling with a toddler as a military family?
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Thread: How to enter the world of homeschooling with a toddler as a military family?

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    Default How to enter the world of homeschooling with a toddler as a military family?

    My daughter will turn 4 in October, we are currently preparing to transition from MCB Quantico to MCRD Parris Island where my husband will be a DI. We move in 20 days and I am curious on where, how, and when to start homeschooling a toddler with preschool? This is our first and only child so this process is completely new to me. Thank you in advance.

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    Just start doing it. I started my Autistic son on T4L when we were in Korea. I read this book " What Every Kindergartner Needs to Know" and others like it from the library. They helped a lot. There is so much stuff out there now, pick up some work books and have fun! My son was also 4 when we started homeschooling. My son is almost 6 now and doing well. He now has his own labtop and works daily. Don't be afraid to work with your child. My son works on average 6hr a day on the internet and doing book work. His Dr. says "If a child can watch t.v. for hours than a child can sit down and learn for the same amount of time."
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    For preschool, Time4Learning has a fun preschool program that my kids have loved. They do a lesson or two each day and will spend about 15 minutes or so doing online lessons/games. Other than that, we read together, play games, do puzzles, run outside, etc. I personally adopted the "better late than early" approach with my younger sons. They'll always have time to learn phonics, but they are only little for so long. Embrace the fun of preschool. Bake cookies, take a trip to town for fun and find all the letters in her name, take a walk around the house and look for birds, etc. All three of my sons (ages 10, 6, 3) use and love Time4Learning, but my two younger boys spend little time sitting down and being still to learn right now. There's always time for 10 year old will definitely attest to that.
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