How to spell the Colors, learn Continents/Oceans/States and many more in no time!
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    Default How to spell the Colors, learn Continents/Oceans/States and many more in no time!

    Sing along with DR. Jean is a wonderful way to learn Math/ Sciences etc.... your kids will sing the colors songs and will remember how to write Yellow into singing. My daughter 5 years old knew all of her colors to write/ Continents/Ocean/Directions/counting by 2's, by5's by 10's in less than 1 month.
    You can find the presidents/States/money/the body insects.....all into songs.

    I think this is a great way to teach. I absolutely will give it a try, way worse the money.

    If you are interesting, I bought mine through Lakeshore learning but I just look at amazon and you can find her when you click Dr. Jean CD.
    Sing to learn and Kiss your brain are one the basics your kids need to know.

    I passed it as a gift to my friends and they love it so much.
    Learning should be a fun and magical experience.
    Enjoy it!

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    I generally push the idea that education should be curriculum focused so that it systematically covers a subject. However, particularly with military families that move around (I was a Navy brat myself. My Dad was a career naval officer), it's always fun to focus on learning about the state or country that you find yourself in. There are a set of learning games for each state on the website. They might help.
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