How and why Keeping track of your child reports.
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    Default How and why Keeping track of your child reports.

    Do you keep your child assignment or reports each month?

    Here how I do with my daughter for 1st Grade.
    I printed since the whole lessons for 1 Grader and each week I go to "my portofolio" and click to "reports"
    choose "all" for subject and"all" for activity type, then insert a date range meaning the 1st week of each month or you can put a month range report that you can print and keep in you file records.

    This way, I have my daughter's progress and can review the following week or month where she was weak or jumped lessons if it was too easy. It keeps me organized and feel better in case a school will ask me how she is doing at homeschooling. You never know if your child will go to a school someday again. Keeping track to their records will help to see their progress.
    Hope it will help some of you too.

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    Default Re: How and why Keeping track of your child reports.

    That's a good point, especially when you're moving to different states or countries where homeschooling laws differ.

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