i guess we would be the accidental homeschoolers...we are new to the whole thing
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    Smile i guess we would be the accidental homeschoolers...we are new to the whole thing

    we are new to homeschooling and very excited to begin. I am a little nervous about beginning our new journey, but excited to see that my kids are ready to learn with me.
    We have two kids in beginning fourth grade and one beginning kindergarden. We are in the army and stationed at Ft. Sill, Ok. For the time being. This is our second time being stationed her at Ft. Sill. We have never been overly happy with the public schools in our area, and after attending the public school this year, we decided to do homeschooling. My older kids began to really hate going to school everyday by the end of it. I want to renew their excitement for learning and keep my youngest still engaged.

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    Hi! And welcome!! I just "graduated" a fourth grader and kindergartener last week. It can be very nerve wracking to think about taking on homeschooling, especially when you are starting the process out with three kids, but it's so worth it! Time4Learning is a great tool to use to educate your children while still keeping them active and in love with learning. There are many opportunities for experiments, projects, reading, etc. If you have any questions, you can ask them here, or in the new member's forum. Also, stop by the Homeschoolers in the Military facebook page! So glad to have you here!
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    Hi I'm stationed at SIll too. Want to start homeschooling. We can email each other if you like. I have 1st grade & preschooler. [email protected]

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