I'm so grateful for this month dedicated to military kids!

Please join me in posting this image in honor of all the military children throughout the remainder of this month (at least!) While they aren't the ones who sign the enlistment papers, our kids (and families!) deserve recognition for the many sacrifices they make repeatedly!

(Please save to your computer and then share as you wish!)

Many bases are hosting special events for kids throughout this month. The official DoDEA "Purple Up" Day is set for Friday, April 21. For our non-military friends, the color purple is chosen as it symbolizes the combined colors of all the military branches together! (Think back to those primary years where you mixed finger paints to get purple!)

While many of us here are homeschoolers I would still love to see us participate this year!

Are you a new military family seeking information on homeschooling? Please feel free to post your question(s) here anytime! Additionally we have social media communities to join (links below):

Facebook: Military Homeschoolers

Google+: Military Homeschoolers (Public Page)

Google +: Military Homeschoolers (Discussion Group)

Another resource:

Homeschooling in the Military

Once again -- lets remember to Purple Up!