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    Hi everyone! My name is Shana and I am new to this site, but not homeschooling. I homeschooled Elijah, my 5 yr old son, preschool. He was reading before he was 3 . Then he went to KG this past fall. He was very excited to go on the bus and all that but within a month I pulled him out to homeschool him. He was not getting what he needed and getting somethings I didn't want him to.

    I have been creating my own curriculum based on standards for schools thus far, using my knowledge as a former KG teacher and the Abekka curriculum. We have been having a lot of fun! I also have a 14 month old and just found out I am expecting another bundle.

    So, my hands are quite full and I decided that I needed something to help me help my son. We currently live in MA and I noticed my state does not have it's own forum. My husband is the Army National Guard, so I thought this forum might be good for us

    I am looking for friends and encouragment through this process, as I am new to this kind of Homeschooling. I was homeschooled my self, 5-12 grades using ACE, but I wanted a different experience for my son.

    If you have anything thoughts or tricks of the trade, please feel free to share them! Also, if any of you military mommas out there in MA or close to it, we'd love to plan events! Thanks!

    Shana Mehr

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    Hi Shana! I am also a Military homeschooling momma. I am so glad that you recognized that your son needed something different than public school and you are exploring your different options. We use T4L as our primary and everyday ciriculum but I supplement our learning with some other resources as well.

    Are you in Massachusetts? Here is the MA state forum, hopefully you might find a few other families near to you. If you don't, your local library, community centre or museums may hold daytime events specific for homeschoolers where you and your family could socialize with others in your area

    Is your husband currently activated now? We are active and in Japan- one of the most exciting assignments yet!
    Follow our adventures as a Military home schooling family at
    Ramblings of a (not so) Desperate Housewife

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