Thinking of switcing to homeschool for good
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    Default Thinking of switcing to homeschool for good

    Hi there! My husband is due to transfer to his new unit this coming summer. I personally grew up as a military brat and am now married into the military.

    My daughter is only in the first grade, but I have been having the most difficult time dealing with her school/teacher. I feel the curriculum doesn't spend enough time on any subject and only tests are graded. I find myself teaching my daughter every day after school to help her understand why she got so many questions on her tests wrong. Like math. She will come home with an add/subtract test with nearly half of the problems wrong. When I go over the tests with her, she truly has no idea what's going on. Then I get a lovely note from the teacher telling me I need to work more with my daughter at home. When she comes home with practice sentence writing sheets and half the words are spelled wrong, but there's a big smiley face at the top of the page, I ask her if she had any help. She says no. The teacher makes them figure out how to spell whatever it is on their own. Words like: sidewalk, bicycle, rummage, Saturn. At this point I wonder why the teacher is even being paid because she's not teaching, but she does care a lot about behavior. My kid gets bad marks for the day for wiping her nose the wrong way. She begs me to be her teacher every morning before school and comes home extremely angry quite often.

    Thank you for reading this far. Being raised in a military household, I was held at a higher standard. I attended private schools until high school and did very well. I want my child to succeed. I feel as if I am already doing all the teaching and that school is just for socialization, which can be quite a negative experience for her.

    So my husband's transfer season is coming up. We are moving across the U.S. again, and he is due to make rank too, which will ultimately have us transfer the next transfer season too. So I am thinking about just switching her completely to homeschooling. She loves T4L, and we use it as a supplement for now. It's just a game for her. I have very little support in doing this though. I would like some input from the other military families on here.

    Thank you!!

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    Whew. That sounds rough and I'm sorry to hear it! My question is, why not try homeschooling? It doesn't sound like you could do any worse! It can be a little hectic homeschooling in the military when you move a lot (we've homeschooled in three states, each with different laws!) but it's definitely do-able, especially when you are using the same curriculum--Time4Learning. I'm sorry that you don't have the support you need to get started. Does your husband think it's a good idea, is he on board with trying it out? If so, then I so do it! Family and friends will either support you or not but the bottom line is what is best for your daughter. If you think homeschooling is best, then I think you should at least see if it works for your family.

    Plus, first grade is so much fun! I have a first grader and we love doing school together. Plus, it takes him about an hour a day on actual school work, then he has time to read books, do puzzles, build lego sets (which is what he is doing now!), all kinds of things. Learning doesn't stop here when the lessons are over. I make it a point to turn many daily activities into learning opportunities.

    If there's ANYTHING else I can help you with, I hope you'll let me know!!
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