Help with MN supplements if using this program
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    Default Help with MN supplements if using this program

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to help me out, we are in K-12 online and are not really happy, we are first time homeschool of 4th grade boy who has two special needs younger siblings that limit our time tremendously, we dont want to go back to public as it was a train wreck, but the stress the K-12 program has put on us is not much better albeit bully free! I need help knowing what other subjects past core parents are teaching and how, if we use this program it doesnt cover things like art/music etc and I am not sure what would be required of us for the non covered non core subjects, Anyone with a homeschooler that has ideas for me I would really appreciate them, we are looking to make the switch by the halfway point of the year or sooner. Please let me know what you do for non core subjects and what has been required for you in the state of MN

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    Hi there, and welcome! I don't blame you about the K12 does take away a lot of the flexibility of homeschooling. :/

    Here are the MN homeschool laws. It's always good to bookmark those so you can keep up with everything that's required of you by the state. Time4Learning actually does have an art program. You can access it in the upper level login I believe. As far as other programs for art and music, other than playing some art and music games on Learning Games for Kids, we haven't really tackled those. They listen to music, lol, and do a lot of Googling about composers and such. Same as with art.

    Hopefully some of the other wonderful members can chime in with their resources. You can also poke around the other areas of the boards here and see what you can find.

    Always feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I look forward to chatting with you more...
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