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    I just moved to Minnesota and I am truthfully a little nervous about all the paperwork that the state requires. Can anyone give me any advice on how they do this

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    Hello and welcome! There are a lot of words in the homeschool laws, lol, but they aren't that bad. You have to submit an initial report notifying the school board that you are going to homeschool. This should have your child's name, DOB and address. You'll also need to have a copy of any immunization records. The last thing they ask for, is for you to tell them what annual standardized test you want to use to assess your child. Honestly, the best thing you can do for that is to ask the school board what they suggest you do for testing.

    After that initial report, if you keep homeschooling, you'll submit what they call a letter of intent to continue homeschooling, listing any changes from your initial report. Here is a very good explanation of the MN homeschool laws: Homeschool Frequently Asked Questions - Minnesota Department ...

    I hope that helped? Please feel free to ask any questions that you do have!
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