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    Default Question regarding homeschooling

    A child who misses the kindergarten cut off , she will be 5 in the middle of September but is soo ready for kindergarten, I honestly did not even think about this till the last month or so and knowing what a pain and amount of money to try to get her early enrolled I was thinking of homeschool route ,if this is even an option.

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    Hi there! I replied in the other thread where you posted as a guest, but I will go ahead and reply here too.

    According to the Minnesota homeschool laws, the age of compulsory attendance is between the ages of 7 and 16. So if you chose to homeschool her, you aren't even required to report it to the state until she turns 7. Ultimately, that means that there are no particular rules as to what material she has to cover, so I would just let her start K and you guys enjoy that learning excitement!
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