Question regarding MN Public School requirement
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    Default Question regarding MN Public School requirement

    I have been homeschooling my son in WI for the last 5-6 months using T4L and I was wondering (he is split btwn WI and MN) now that he is going to go back to public schooling for the remaining months of the school, what materials will they accept? I printed out what I could on the report tab, but what else will he need to get credit for the last months of Home Schooling?
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    Hi there, and welcome! Here are the Minnesota Homeschool Laws I found. While these are for homeschooling, and not necessarily what you need to return to public school, one would imagine that these things (reports, annual tests, etc) are what the school district will ask for. I would honestly call the school board where he is entering public school and make sure they tell you specifically what they want.

    If you do have any more questions about that, please come back here and ask. We may be able to find a member who has homeschooled and put their child back into public school so they have that experience to share.
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