testing from home?
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    Default testing from home?

    We are contemplating a move to MN but the requirement that the superintendant approve your test and place of testing has me worried.
    Do people do the tests from home or is that up to the discretion of the local superintendant? What if you just get a fussy person who decides to make problems for you? I don't like that they have the ability to make trouble for me depending on if they are having a bad day etc.

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    We use a certified teacher who is also a homeschooling parent. Our homeschool support group has a list of Evaluators. I don't live in Minnesota, but our state requires either testing or an evaluation. And most homeschoolers use a certified teacher who is or has been a homeschooler...someone familiar with homeschooling. This is beneficial because only someone familiar with homechooling can recommend curricula or material to supplement in educating your child. Our homeschool support group facilitates testing for its members using certified teacher/homeschooling parents. It works great!
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