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    Default Welcome to the Minnesota Forum!

    Time4Learning is happy to provide a forum for homeschoolers in individual states to connect with one another. Please use this forum to find members near you, ask each other state-related questions, and post information about local homeschool events.
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    Default New to homeschooling

    I am homeschooling my daughter for the first time this year, she is in 8th grade in Minnesota...How do I find the proper curriculum to use for her and be approved by the state so she can pass her exams at end of year? I'm so afraid I'm going to pick the wrong curriculum and she won't be prepared! I'm trying to avoid the k12 public homeschool because we want less structure and to work at her own pace...please help! Also how do I go about picking a test at the end of the year? I have to put that on the form showing intent to homeschool.

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    I also homeschool my 8th grade daughter. Did anyone ever respond to your post? We currently use T4L, Jackris Publishing, Story of the World (history), and have used Life of Fred. These have all been working for us for the last 2 years. We also did k12 for 4 years. How's it going?

    Hope your school year is going well!

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