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    Would anyone be willing to give me an estimate of your expenses for home schooling? We are trying to prepare a budget for friends and have no idea what costs are involved. Thanks.

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    Costs can vary so much for each family. We use time4learning for our core curriculum so that is $19.95 per month. If you had more than one child that would go up. Then we do many many field trips These range from free park days to $30.00 tickets to shows. We usually do two or three field trips per week, but there is no way to estimate the cost as each event has a different price. Some people homeschool using only the free resources from the library. Others use a curriculum like K-12 which in New Jersey costs $4000 per year. I have heard of curriculums that were as much as $8000 per year. So the cost totally depends on what curriculum you want to use, or maybe you won't use any curriculum. It also depends on what field trips you decide to go on and what kinds of activities you want to do.
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