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    Default help with new to homeschooling

    I am going to begin homeschooling a 7th grader. Do you use only time4learning or do you supplement with other materials? How many hours per day does your student work?

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    Every family is different. I read The Well-Trained Mind and she gave sample times for different grades (an hour/day for the really little ones, more time as the kids got older). Many people do supplement. I do. A lot of people like to fill out the T4L activity scheduler (subtract weeks for vacation/breaks/sick days?) and then generate a schedule to see how many activities per week per subject to tackle. Some subjects may require less lessons per week (like less science than math lessons).

    I personally supplement with mostly offline activities like educational board games, worksheets/workbooks (both T4L worksheets and other ones). I also like for spelling practice.

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