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    Hi. I'm will be homeschooling my 3 children (pre-k, 1st grade and 4th grade) this season for the first time. I have had so much support from family and friends. They all want to be able to help where they can. My mom was shopping and looking at workbooks for the kids and the salesperson asked if she was a teacher. She said that if she was a teacher she would be able to get a discount or free merchandise. My mom is not a teacher, but wanted me to inquire about homeschooling parents. Do you know if homeschool parents are entitled to any sort of discounts? If so, what is needed?
    Thank you soooo much!

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    Every business has a different requirement for a teacher's discount card. But they are definitely available and worth the effort. At Barnes & Noble you have to show a copy of your letter of intent or something from the school that shows you are homeschooling. They will also accept a homeschool id card as long as it has an expiration date on it. You can download one from the Homeschool Buyers Club that you print at home for free. JoAnn Fabrics has a form you fill out online. They need a number from a teacher's id card, but if you don't have this, they offer a place you can go to to get a number for their application. Staples is a quick fill out online with no proof required. They offer free delivery no matter how small the purchase. Office Max has a form online. They offer free laminating or at least they did. Many Educational Warehouse stores or Learning Center Stores have discount cards. Michael's Arts and Crafts now has a teacher's id card. Not sure how to apply for that one yet. It's new. The Container Store has a card you can get online. Check around at other places you frequent. If they don't have a sign notifying you, ask. They may offer a discount and just not advertise it. A.C. Moore has a teacher's discount. Just fill out a quick form. I would certainly go back to the store your mom was in and ask about a discount for homeschool teachers. You can save a lot of money with them. While you're at the Homeschool Buyers Club getting your id card, sign up. They frequently offer curriculum at discounted prices. Also check with Museums and places like that. They will often have discount as well.
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    You can also get Homeschool IDs at Homeschool Student and Educator ID Cards

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    B&N does have official rules for the educator card, but when I first applied I didn't have any of that "proof" (I brought my homeschool notebook and offered to show them) and luckily they let me apply. My son was 4 and we were preparing for Kindergarten. If you aren't sure, just ask.

    My husband redeemed the Michael's discount when he got a couple workbooks. They didn't give him a card but he explained we homeschool and they applied the discount. I have a Star Teacher card for Office Depot. Have not used it yet. The store didn't have any applications in stock so I did it online. I already had an OD card but had to apply for a new one to specify teacher.

    You may want to call your local B&N to find out if they are doing anything the Fall Homeschool Event. A few of them are this week. That day the discount is 25% off most materials, 10% DVDs & music. Normally the book discount is 20%. But you must have the card.

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