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Homeschooling 101: Legality, Logistics, and Learning
Saturday, November 9th, 11am-noon @ the Brandon Public Library

The Brandon Library will be presenting Homeschooling 101 for those investigating or just beginning their homeschooling journeys.

Do I need a teaching certificate?
Do I need to contact the local school if I choose to homeschool?
Do my children need to be tested?
What kinds of records will I need to keep?
What kinds of records should I keep?
Where do I find books?
How much does it cost?
What free resources does my library have available to me?
Do I need to follow the Common Core standards?
Do I need to buy a bell?
Will my children get a diploma?
Will my children be able to attend college?
Will my children be socialized?

We will discuss all of these questions and more! Friends and family members who have questions about homeschooling are welcome to attend also.
Spread the word, and I look forward to seeing you November 9th at the Brandon Library!