How will my child receive a diploma...
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    Default How will my child receive a diploma...

    Hi! I'm new to this my child is starting 9th grade and we were gonna use Time 4 Learning program but it's non accredited home school. Can anyone tell me how I will go about getting his diploma once he's finished 12th grade.
    We are located in Columbus Ms.

    Thanks in Advance!!

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    Default Re: How will my child receive a diploma...

    Hi, Time4Learning isn't accredited because it's a curriculum, not a school. Since you are the homeschooling parent, you would award diploma and create/provide transcripts. You can use the templates that T4L provides or use your own. I ended up purchasing a wonderfully printed diploma for my daughter. We had our "school" name printed on the front. I also created my own transcript. She went on to college and everything worked out fine.

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    Default Re: How will my child receive a diploma...

    Hi. All fifty states allow a parent to issue a homeschool diploma to their own child. Employers are required to treat the diploma of a student who was homeschool legally the same as any other high school diploma. Colleges are more interested in a student's entrance exam scores than in how they learned what they know. Many colleges actively recruit homeschooled students.

    Although many people mistakenly refer to enrollment in an online school as "homeschooling" because the learning is done at home, homeschooling is not about location. Homeschooling is about who is responsible for following the applicable laws and who creates, maintains, and signs documents and records for the student. In homeschooling, the parent does that. In a school (online or otherwise), the school will do that.

    Here is more information about homeschool diplomas. Also, Time4Learning provides diploma and transcript templates in the parent dashboard for the parent to use.

    Hope this helps!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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