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    "As a Junior Ranger of the Mississippi River I promise to explore the river, learn about the river, and protect the river."

    What is the Junior Ranger Program?
    The Junior Ranger Program of the Mississippi River is a great way for young people to have fun while exploring and learning about the Mississippi River while making a connection to the river. Junior Rangers participate in public programs within the National Park Service corridor as well as programs that are held specifically for Junior Rangers. All of these programs are to help the Junior Rangers keep their pledge and best of all, most are free!
    Becoming a Junior Ranger is an adventure because the Mississippi River is such an exciting place to explore! There are many creatures living below the surface of the water, animals that leave signs on land but are rarely seen and twice a year there is an influx of migrating birds. The river also tells stories of the triumphs and tragedies of the people that came to this place hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years ago.
    Join the Junior Ranger Program of the Mississippi River today to explore, learn about and protect the Mississippi River!
    Adventures for Junior Rangers!
    The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area has many fun and exciting programs planned for this year. You can help explore the river by hunting for fossils, learn about the river by riding on a barge or catching a fish and protect the river by picking up garbage or planting native plants!
    Learn more about Junior Ranger Events and Activities!
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