Need help/info on homeschooling Autistc 4 year old in Biloxi, MS
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    Default Need help/info on homeschooling Autistc 4 year old in Biloxi, MS

    Hi. I'm new to this & need information on where & how to start homeschooling my 4 year old Autistic son. He is currently registered in a Public School DD Preschool program, but isn't adjusting well & is having problems with the teachers. He is very emotional & gets upset/cries often & just made me aware that his teacher told him that he isn't "special" anymore because he's a cry baby. I'd rather have to homeschool my son, than to allow him to be made to feel like he's LESS..because of his disability. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

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    Hi. It is unclear to me if you have to contact a truancy officer or not for a certificate of enrollment because your son is not in Kindergarten and not yet 5. If they are in Kindergarten then you do need to... but to be sure you may need to do some more investigating. The fact that it is a public school program is what confuses me and I don't want to tell you something wrong. See link below:

    Compulsory Attendance

    I do not think you should have any trouble and I hope that life improves for your family once you get him out of there.

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