Need help with moving my 4th grade son from public school to homeschooling
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    Default Need help with moving my 4th grade son from public school to homeschooling

    Hi all,
    I am trying to move my 4th grade son for homeschooling. We live in Clinton MS and the schools are good. But I am considering homeschooling due to bulling (both by students and the teacher!). My son is smart and have been doing well in the school, but this school year the teacher has been so mean to him and he is totally frustrated by now. His interest going to school is diminishing over time and we have had similar incidences before as well. So, we want to try homeschool for a while and to see how he will get benefited and we will continue with that if he is doing well and is happy with the selection. I am going to talk to the county officer tomorrow, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Need help with moving my 4th grade son from public school to homeschooling

    Hi! I'm sorry your son is experiencing bullying. Researching a good option in those cases can be frustrating.

    The worst place to get information about homeschooling is from a public school employee. They often assume homeschool laws "must be" the same as public school laws and will give you well-intentioned by incorrect information or advice. Many times they believe their online public-school-at-home option is the only option for homeschooling. The online public-school-at-home options, while often mistakenly referred to as "homeschooling" are NOT homeschooling. Your child would still be a public school student.

    It is possible to completely remove yourself from the public school by actually homeschooling. Look for your state's homeschool laws (NOT school laws) on your state's Department of Education website. Mississippi is easy. See the following:

    Every year, on or before September 15, you must submit a certificate of enrollment including your and your child’s names, address, and telephone number; your child’s date of birth; and a “simple description” of the type of education your child is receiving. “Home instruction program” is a satisfactory description. Contact the school attendance officer at the public school district where your child lives to request a certificate of enrollment form. Submit the completed certificate of enrollment to the attendance officer after first saving a copy for your records. You may begin homeschooling midyear, but be sure to file the certificate of enrollment at that time.
    The certificate of enrollment must be submitted by the child’s parent, a court-appointed guardian, or a person other than a parent or legal guardian who has present care or custody of the child.

    There are no teacher qualifications, standardized testing requirements, or required subjects or days of instruction for homeschools in Mississippi.

    It is up to you to choose the subjects that you will teach in your home instruction program. Although public schools are required to be in session for 180 days every school year, this requirement does not apply to nonpublic schools, including home instruction programs.

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