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    Cool New to Homeschool & Time4Learning: Carroll-Holmes County area,


    Today is my first day logging onto this forum as well as just starting all together. I am a mother of 3. 10 year old son-homeschooler, 3 year old daughter, and a 1 year old son. We decided to place my eldest son into homeschooling because where we live there are just no choices for school. My son struggles in Math but excels in every other subject. We were basically told that the teachers did not know how to teach him the way he needs to learn in Mathematics. Which is visually. He attended a private school before we moved which really helped him alot. He was always on honor roll. After we moved we enrolled him into a private school. Which was our only option. Let's just say it was a nightmare. Now I am homeschooling him to catch him up and to give us enough time to figure out what to do about the upcoming years. I am basically stumped about the lesson plans and scheduling so any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to have a schedule that will be strict however, not too overwhelming. That will give him time to learn the lesson fully before moving on to the next. HELP GUYS!!

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    Welcome to the group. If your son is struggling in math you might want to go back to a lower grade level. What I have done to review is to just have him do the chapter tests. If he does well on the tests, let him move on to the next lesson. If he struggles with the test let him go over the lesson again and again until he understands it. One of the great things about this program is that you can each lesson as often as necessary. You could also let him get extra practice by going to sites like Learning Games For Kids.

    We start at the beginning and work through the lessons in order. I think you will be able to tell when your son has done enough for the day. He will start to get inpatient and want to do something else. That is when it's time to move on.
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