Newbie to Homeschooling & confused
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    I live in Gulfport Mississippi, and my daughter is a 4th grader, I had to make the decision to withdraw her from her school yesterday because of being bullied & school not doing anything about it. She has always gone to public school but is very exited at the idea of me homeschooling her. We have only been here only a year, and I have read the MS rules of homeschooling and left me confused. I had my daughter try out the Time4Learning demos and she loved it so I would like to start her on that program but don't know if it's too late in semester to start. I think this will be easier on her since my husband is in the Navy & we will be transferring again to California. What I would like to know is how do I start homeschooling her and where do I to sign her up. The school gave me the run around on her paperwork so I still need to go back to get all her records. They tried talking me out of it and saying that its hard. I'm feeling overwhelmed & I really don't wanna mess with her education but her self steam was suffering. Is the Time4Learning program accepted in the Mississippi requirements as a homeschooling program?

    Any information is appreciated.

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    A parent who withdraws his child from public school during the school year may submit the Certificate of Enrollment to the attendance officer within 10 working days and still be in compliance with the law even though he missed the deadline. Homeschooling parents should mark Home Instructional Program and may simply state, "I am providing a home instruction program" as the Description of Instruction. It is not necessary to complete the forms in the presence of an attendance officer. From what I read in the law there are no other requirements in the state of Mississippi. It looks like this is all you are required to do. I find that schools will try to bully you and tell you all kinds of things that they say you must do in order to homeschool. But this is because they want the tax dollars that they get for having your child enrolled with them. There is no requirement as far as the subjects to be taught, qualifications of the teacher, testing, or anything else. Just file the Certificate of Enrollment every year.

    Time4Learning is a curriculum. It is not a homeschool program. You are the homeschool program. Your home is the homeschool. Time4Learning is the curriculum you will be using. But you are not required to give this information to the school. You can if you want to but it's not required.

    One of the great things about this program is that it is so portable. When you move or go on vacation you can take it with you. Your children don't have to change their way of learning. Another great thing is that there is no beginning or ending time. You can start whenever you want, finish when you want, and move up to the next grade when you are ready. So sign up. Get started. Have fun. Feel free to come back and ask any questions you have. We're all in this together.

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