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    I need to know if the summer is long enough for my son to be homeschooled to advance a grade

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    I think there are just to many variables in this question to be able to give a yes or no answer. Is your son willing to do the work to complete a full years worth of work in only two months? How much information will he retain after cramming so much into such a short time frame? What grade is your son in now? Is your son homeschooled or does he go to public school? If he goes to public school, will the school allow him to advance a grade even if he completes all the work? Will your son still fit in with his peers if he advances a grade? These questions and many more would have to be looked at before you could make such a decision. I would also look at why you want him to advance a grade. I would sit down with your son and talk about all of these issues.
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