1000 hours: Can you set daily time requirements per subject?
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    Default 1000 hours: Can you set daily time requirements per subject?

    I have been homeschooling for several years in MO, but I am new to t4l. My question is this: is it possible to set a time or lesson requirement per subject? I am trying to bring my son through the level 2 material at an accelerated pace since he struggles with the level 3 material, but flies through the level 2 stuff, but I also want to make sure he's spending enough time on t4l since that's his main curriculum this year. I tried the weekly schedule, but it's a little awkward to use since I don't see all the lesson titles as he is doing them and he may not remember them all when I am trying to check them off, and I can't get it to print. I also tried setting it for 10 min playground time per 30 min of lessons, but he doesn't get a notification or anything. How do other MO parents set it up? I chose t4l to be less mom-intensive, and so far I don't think I'm "getting it." TIA!

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    Default Time requirements per subject...

    Personally I went into the "activity scheduler" where I planned a start date and a finish date for the year.
    This set my child up on a weekly schedule that told us "how many" of each subject he needed to accomplish each week so we will finish at the end of our school year.
    Normally the boys have 4 or 5 for the week in:
    Social Studies
    Language Arts

    Language Arts Extensions normally has more each week for my 2nd grader but only 4 or 5 for my 3rd grader.

    To fill in the rest of the "time" we are required to do by state law we do:
    Spelling (Abeka)
    Reading (anything and everything we can find)
    Health, Safety & Manners (Abeka) ((((1 semester per year))))
    Writing Skillbook, Cursive Writing (Abeka)
    Spanish ((((1 semester per year))))
    Physical Education

    I am able to go to the Activity Planner each week (or before hand) and pull up the schedule for the upcoming week and print it off. (at this time I also print off all the resources or worksheets each child will need for the week. I like to have them ahead of time so I can just hand them to the child when I tell them their schedule for the day, that way they are not waiting for me to find and print them off for them.)
    When my children complete an activity, I check it off.
    I do this every week.
    On the last page of what I printed out I hand write their:
    Reading assignments that were accomplished for the week;
    Spelling test score from that week;
    Writing Skillbook pages completed for the week.
    At the bottom I write:
    Total Weekly Hours:
    Core Hours:

    And then, each week or once a month or when I remember (but at least once a month) I go to "Student Records" and print out their completed lessons with the grades.
    I then use this ^, along with their spelling scores from the month to move their grades over to a spreadsheet in excel. The excel sheet keeps a total for me of their "total" grades for each subject and at the end of each quarter I just divide the total by the amount of graded activities they had for that month and I write the grade on their report card.

    I keep ALL these things, plus examples of their written work in separate binders for each child. Actually I have two binders per child. One for the examples of their work and one for all the stuff I printed out above.

    More than likely OVERKILL for Missouri but I'd rather be safe than sorry AND it sure helps me stay organized.

    I hope this helps....

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