Can you homeschool other kids?
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    Default Can you homeschool other kids?

    My nephew has behavioral issues that stem from his traumatic past with his father. He's very disruptive in school and spends so much time getting in trouble, that I worry that his learning delays are getting worse. We're also worried about dyslexia. His mom works nights and so sleeps while he's at school, but I'm a stay at home mom who already plans on homeschooling my toddler for at least some of her school years. Could I help her? He responds so much better when I work with him on homework in the evenings that I wonder if we limit most of his social interaction to playgrounds and structured activities like sports if he'll do better while he sorts out his issues in counseling.

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    As far as the statutes read, it would appear to not be prohibited. When in doubt, contact an attorney, or the HSLDA (that's what they do) and they should be able to answer your questions. Good luck!!

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