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    Im concerned about taking my son out of public school I have heard some really bad outcomes with the public schools turning parents in to DHS and causing problems for the family's . Is any of that true

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    In Missouri law parent's have the rights to homeschool their child/ren. If you go on HSLDA it will tell you about what is the missouri law for homeschool your child/ren. If DHS call you about you homeschooling your child/ren you don't have to let them in your home if they are only there because you are homeschooling your kids. Only thing you have to tell them that you have talk to HSLDA.

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    Thank you that makes me feel alot more confident we have Ben prepareing to switch to home schooling for the last year

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    I am not a member of HSLDA, however, it is my understanding that they will not accept you as a member if you have a situation already pending.

    You do not need to be concerned about taking your son out as long as you have all of your paperwork with the state filed ahead of removing him. Where some people get in trouble is that they have an issue with the school, so there is already an antagonistic relationship going on between parents and school, and in a heated rush the parents pull the child. Then the parents have to scramble to get all the paperwork in place. The board of educations "gets" the parents on the days between the child actually leaving school and the days that all of the necessary paperwork gets in place. Remember, the state can have as much lag time as they want, so you might be perfectly legal, and weeks from now they can say your kid was truant (past tense) and come to your home. So have everything in place before you pull him from school.

    While it might be a scary situation, just remember that what you hear about are generally the exceptions to the rule. Most people never have a "situation" occur between them and the state regarding homeschooling.

    Here is one other thing to keep in mind...if your family is unique in some visible way, say you have 10 kids (that number is not random, my sister has 10, and her town has a school hour curfew when children can be stopped for being out of school during school hours), or are religious fanatics, or live in a yurt, or grow/produce all your own food, or have militant signs in your yard stating that tresspassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again, you are different and will raise warning bells. If you are a fairly average appearing family, yard no more shaggy than others in the neighborhood, children not snotty and dirty, all your paperwork in order with the board of education, then you are less likely to draw attention to the fact that you are homeschooling.

    Homeschooling is not something to hide, but there are a few things that I do, just to make sure that no one has any cause to get in my business. I do not run "household errands" during school hours with my child. I don't go to Walmart, or the bank, or post office during school hours, with my child, if I can help it. If we do have to do something like that, my child is clean, fed, and dressed, usually with a science or spanish book in hand, or a workbook that I keep in the car.

    Having a clean, fed child means less chance of a meltdown, and less chance that anyone will pay more attention than necessary to the fact that a school age child is not in school during school hours. Doctor, dentist appointments and trips to the pharmacy are the exception...we do those when necessary, just as a public school student would have to do them, and I make no apologies for my child being sick, or needing medical attention, or medication from a pharmacy.

    If you are aware of potential situations that will gain too much attention and you take steps to avoid them, not in a paranoid way, but in a proactive way, you are more likely to never have any trouble with the board of education, or child protective services.

    All in all, just remember that most of the horror stories you hear about regarding state intervention in homeschooling are the exceptions. You generally don't hear about the happy, healty, well educated homeschoolers who go about their daily lives in a "normal" way...they are not "news worthy"!
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