Dry 3rd grade Science and Social Studies
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    Default Dry 3rd grade Science and Social Studies

    We are new to T4L and are having trouble motivating our third grader with science and social studies. So far it is all reading and no computer videos or activities. She wants to be independent, but it is not like the games she plays with Math and LA and is really turning her off. I thought about doing 2nd grade science and social studies. It has the videos and is more like the math and LA, but is too easy and will also turn her off. What can I do or use? Thanks!

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    I completely understand what you mean. When my daughter was in third grade she hated it! I'm told that 3rd grade is just a transition grade and that a lot of kids don't like it, whether they are on T4L, public school, or private school. Hang in, it does get better!

    Know that you do have access to the grade she is in (3rd) as well as one below (2nd) and one above (4th) so you might let her go to 4th and see if she likes it any better.

    As for science there is something else I can recommend to you. Science4Us is a great new site that offers a more interactive science curriculum and might offer her a bit more interaction and challenge. Check it out!
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