Finished 8th grade....Now what??
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    Default Finished 8th grade....Now what??

    Hi everyone,

    My daughter just finished the 8th grade courses and now I'm what? If I was to enroll her into highschool (Public School) how would I do so? We will most likely be moving to GA in the fall so I will need to submit all of my T4L documents to the school right? If I choose continue home schooling what HS programs are available? I know soooo many questions lol

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Tasha. First, let me congratulate you and your daughter on finishing 8th grade. That is quite an accomplishment. Let me refer you to Let's Homeschool High School. This is a great site that has lots of information, including curriculum choices for homeschooling high school. In addition there are great articles, parent forums, and student forums. I've already found a great amount of information over there. We will be facing high school by this time next year! Let's Homeschool High School has been a great resource for me already, so I invite you to check them out! Hopefully they can answer your high school specific questions over there!
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