Ok guys, I have a question for you...
What kinds of things do you include your children in that is both educational and fun?

Here are a couple of things we do at our house...
1. We garden...a lot! My daughter is in the process of trying to get her Junior Master Gardener Certification. She learns about insect pests, tree types, life cycles of plants, germination, propagation. It's all in the name of fun....and science.
2. We have started baking bread more. We are also trying out recipes for the blueberries, blackberries and strawberries we have grown. We learn about measurements, fractions, review time, understand the life cycle of yeast, why it works, why it doesn't work, we practice reading and following directions (recipies). There is reading, science, and math....and it tastes good.
3. Just for fun, and sometimes weird but true factoids, we watch Mythbusters on TV. I got a full explanation of why a droplet of water "dances" on the surface of a hot pan from my daughter yesterday. She got it from Mythbusters!

What are your fun (but educational, shhhhh, don't tell the children....) events or activities that you share with your children?

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