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    Question Grading

    My daughter finished a assignment and it said it was sent to the parent Dori grading. Where do I find what needs to be graded?

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    Log in to your parent dashboard. Click on Student Reports. Access a report that includes the subject for which she wrote the assignment. Find the assignment and in the Score column to the right of it you will see an N/A instead of a score. Click on the N/A to view the assignment or to print and score it manually.

    It's a good practice to view your child's completed work every day. That way, you will know if they scored poorly on a computer scored assignment and you will know whether there are any new worksheets or writing assignments for you to score yourself.

    If she is high school level, they are grading guides for all the writing assignments within the Lesson Plans/Scope and Sequence. Log in to your parent dashboard. Click on Resources. Click on Lesson Plans/Scope and Sequence at the top of the left sidebar. Find the assignment and click on the link in the Answer Keys column to find a grading guide. (Answer keys so you can grade worksheets are also found here.)

    Hope this helps!

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