Granda Who Wants Granddaughter To Have A Stonger Education
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    My granddaughter is gifted and very intelligent, she is in the 6th grade, and she wants to be a lawyer and a singer, her grades are A's and B's. She finishes her school work before her peers, who are struggling with their school work, The problem is that her peers would and the school staff aren't trained in teaching smart kids! So my granddaughter feels that it would be to get into trouble, make fake friends and get suspended from school. The Kansas City, Mo school district has failed, but I refuse to let that happen to my granddaughter. I want her to be homeschooled, so that she will be able to pass to the 7th grade with honors; If this is possible to homeschooled, someone please help me, guide me strengthen me in guiding my granddaughter on the right path. My questions are: Can she be homeschooled on the computer and mail her required school work back? ....... And what is the cost?..... Will my grandaughter be able to cross over to the 7th grade in this short time frame?....... Please Help!
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    Time4Learning sounds like it could be a great fit for your granddaughter! She would do her work online, and she would get instant feedback from the program. There is no instructor involve but many students do very well using the program. She could move at her own pace, and the curriculum is standards based so you can be sure that she is getting are well rounded education.
    if you have specific questions, feel free to ask! Best of luck!
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