Help please with homeschooling info!!!!!
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    Question Help please with homeschooling info!!!!!

    Hi - I am not yet homeschooling but will be starting at the begining of the next school year with my 13 1/2 yr old son who has mild aspergers. As of right now I am still looking for what program I am going to be using with him - all I know is that main stream schooling isn't working he don't get the one on one help that he really needs so cause of this he will be repeating the 6th grade again. He already did 2nd grade twice and I hate to have to have him redo the 6th grade but he knows it is for the best that he does. I would like to know the cost of the Time4Learning homeschooling progam a year or monthly how ever it is billed. We don't have alot of money so we really need the best that cost the least since my husband is the only one who works in our family cause I am unable to work cause I have to take care of my disabled mom. Please can anyone help this new to homeschooling mom on the prices? Thanks so much.

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    I think Time for Learning would be great for him. For my homeschool children, I use Time for Learning as a supplement because we explore unit studies and classic literature as well. I have a nephew who has aspergers and uses Time for Learning for his main curriculum. They supplement very little. He is completely on target with where he needs to be educationally since becoming a homeschooler. For him learning this way was life changing. He was very behind before switching to homeschooling only because most of his time spent in public school was spent trying to manage his behavior. He is a good boy but is completely overwhelmed in public settings and cannot learn in an over crowded classroom. So he tended to act out so that he would be removed to a private setting and usually would continue acting out until Mom would come get him and bring him home. With homeschooling he has been able to completely concentrate on learning and is working through his other issues with therapy and gradual exposure. Learning to cope in many areas may take him a lifetime but he will at least be able to stay on track with his education and reduce his stress levels drastically. He is still in elementary and really enjoys Time for Learning. And you cannot beat the price! There are also other computer software programs that he may find engaging at more advanced levels. Good Luck!

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