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    I am thinking about homeschooling my daughter, she is a sophomore in High School. She is taking average classes, but she is taking an advanced math class (Algebra 2). We are going to try out this homeschooling thing, but I am trying to find classes that she can take online, but I need to make sure that she is going to still be able to keep in an advanced class and if she decides that she don't like homeschooling and wants to go back to public school, if they were put her back in the advanced class and how to go about that. Her school started today so this is definitely on a late note, so if you know of anything, online classes, and the advanced thing, please contact me. Thank you!

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    Hi there, and welcome. The first thing I would recommend is to check out the Missouri homeschool laws, just so you know what the state expects of you. The next thing I would do is check with your local school board about how they handle re-entry back into the school system after homeschooling.

    Time4Learning has an excellent (in my opinion, lol) online high school program. You and your daughter can pick the classes she takes. Also, check out the high school forum here where you can talk to others who are high schooling with T4L.

    Please feel free to poke around any boards here, and ask any questions you may have. Good luck!
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