I homeschool and may be moving to Kansas City area in Missouri in a year.
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    Default I homeschool and may be moving to Kansas City area in Missouri in a year.

    Hello I am a married Christian homeschool mother of 2, 1- 13 year old boy in 7th grade and a 17 year old 11th grade daughter that just went back to public school this year. I am 40 years old and my husband and I are planning to try for more children.
    I was wandering if anyone in Missouri can please help me to find out how I go about it there. I currently homeschool in Pa. and it is a very strict state for homeschooling. We have to file an affidavit, supply a objective form and that requires notarization, immunizations,eyes and hearing testing and physical paperwork. We have standardize testing in 3,5, and 8th grade. Then, we have to keep a portfolio with our 180 days or 900 hours per year. We need to have our children evaluated by a certified teacher and get a paper for the school proving that our children are getting a proper education. Our children are allowed to attend school dances, and join school sports as long as they are homeschooling and it is an extra curricular activity or as long as we are not enrolled in a Charter or Umbrella School. Are the homeschool kids in Missouri allowed in public school sports there? How is your state with the things I have meantioned? Do you know of a good website that has all the information I need for the requirements, etc? Does your state also have areas where you can enroll in outside state approved programs that will earn them a diploma or how are you able to issue a diploma. Here we in PA. as long as all the requirements are proven and approved we are able to self issue a diploma. I was looking into homeschool groups in the locations of the Kansas City, Platte City, and surrounding areas to get an idea as to the groups available. Any information you can share would be great. Our move is in about a year or a year and a few months so I am trying to get ready so I know what is coming when we get moved into the area.

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    Here is a link my friend just gave me for the laws:HSLDA | Homeschooling 101: Missouri

    The dumb page keeps crashing when I type too much so I do know you need a portfolio, I think some school extra curriculars are open to home schoolers depending on district. You can determine graduation and we have to do 1000 hours a year, 600 in cores. No affidavit that I am aware of or immunizations or evaluations by certified teachers. Hope this is a start!

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