i need a little help
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    Talking i need a little help

    im new to this i like time for learning so far i need some tips on homeschooling any one my kid is in 6th

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    Hello Steph,
    I am new to homeschooling and I have gotten very little support from anyone on my decision to do this. I have managed to get started and I think we are geting into a routine that works for the boys and me. The best advice that I could give you is to find a homeschool support group. Check with your library, I have found one that meets every week at the library and these homeschoolers are wonderful about answering question and giving support. I also will strike up a discussion with just about anybody about homeschooling. Sometimes I get an attitude about the subject, a lot of the time I get questioned and told I am brave for doing this, and sometimes I manage to find another homeschool parent that can give me a lot of tips. Happened recently at a drive-in movie and the lady has been the biggest help!

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    Hi ladies,
    I welcome you to T4L. I have to agree about finding a local group. Gaining from the experiences of homeschoolers who have been at it longer is a great thing, and will make the task seem less daunting.
    As for getting started with Time4Learning, most kids, if they have any computer experience at all, dive right in and figure out the program much faster than I did. The biggest advice I can give is to remember that T4L plans your lessons, and keeps your records so that is 2 less things on your plate as a busy homeschooling parent. Additionally,remember to relax I know that starting out can be stressful.
    The Time4Learning Getting started with homeschooling is a great place to start.
    Let us know if you have specific questions. There are a lot of families who can lend you their experiences on this and other forums throughout T4L.
    Happy Homeschooling!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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