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    Hi there!! I am new to this, and am seeking some advice!!! I am homeschooling my 3rd grader for the rest of the semester, because we moved recently and I am not impressed with school the she would have to attend. The other school that is in-district could not take her because they were full on 3rd grade! I hope it has nothing to do with KC losing their accredidation. Anywho..I am very nervous about this but so excited about really get more hands on with her learning! I was told that i didnt have to notify the district about my decision to homeschool here in Mo, but am not wuite sure if that is true. I could use some help getting started.

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    sounds like you may live in KC. so do i. i also just started homeschooling our 4th grader this semester. we sent a letter to the superintendent to avoid any possible issues with truency. I also joined a local support group and highly recommend you doing the same. it really helps.

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